Civilian - Wye Oak

I’m perfectly able to hold my own hand, but I still can’t kiss my own neck.”

How could I have POSSIBLY forgotten about this song?? This is one I feel deep deep down in my core.

Sort Of
Ingrid Michaelson
I Want You
Third Eye Blind

You wanted to know how deeply my soul goes - deeper than bones.

I Want You - Third Eye Blind

Had to take a minute, get a warm drink (apple chai yummm), eat a sandwich, and listen to my favorite chill playlist. The hangry was getting to me.

Sometimes you’ve just gotta feel those feels, man.

Just open up and sing,
‘I’m vulnerable, I’m vulnerable, I am not a robot’
You’re lovable, so lovable, but you’re just trouble
Guess what? I’m not a robot

Marina and The Diamonds - I Am Not A Robot

You only know what I want you to.

Poison & Wine - The Civil Wars

Shawn Mullins


Shawn Mullins | “Lullaby”

"She hangs her head to cry
I sing to her a lullabye, I sing
Everything's gonna be alright
Rockabye, rockabye."
"For your sparkling cocky smile,
I’ve walked a million miles
begging you to come and wed me in the spring.
Why do you my dear delay,
what makes you laugh and turn away?
You’re a hesitating beauty, Nora Lee."
Hesitating Beauty (from Mermaid Avenue), lyrics by Woodie Guthrie, recorded by Billy Bragg and Wilco
Blue Skies
Noah and the Whale

Remember when this song helped to save my life?